Médical  >  Antiepithelial-derived Cytokines Need Targeting for Asthma

Antiepithelial-derived Cytokines Need Targeting for Asthma

Use of antiepithelial-derived cytokines was of limited benefit for patients with severe asthma who had low eosinophil counts, as indicated by data from a systematic review that included more than 2000 individuals.

Several types of antiepithelial-derived cytokines (anti-EDCs) have been studied or approved for patients with severe asthma; however, "we understand very little about the effects for those who are not type 2," said Terence Ho, MD, of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in an interview.

The meta-analysis was needed because some clinical trials suggest benefits for patients with type-2 asthma (T2) and patients with non-T2 asthma, but data that compare outcomes are limited, Ho said. If one were to look at just one study, one might think that anti-EDCs would work equally for all patients with severe asthma, he noted.

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