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Vulvodynia: A Little-Known and Treatable Condition

ulvodynia is a little-known condition that, according to some US studies, affects 3%-14% of the female population. It is defined as chronic pain, present for at least 3 months, that generally involves the vulva or some of its specific areas such as the clitoris or vestibule and is not attributable to causes of an infectious, inflammatory, oncologic, or endocrine nature; skin trauma; or damage to nerve fibers.

"There are probably many more women who suffer from it who don't talk about it out of shame, because they feel 'wrong,'" said gynecologist Pina Belfiore, MD, chair of the Italian Interdisciplinary Society of Vulvology, at the annual conference of the Italian Society of Gender Medicine in Neurosciences (SIMeGeN)." It is a treatable condition, or at the very least, a patient's quality of life can be significantly improved with a personalized therapeutic approach."

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